Monday, February 2, 2015

Jerry Hair Mouth

Jerry had no hope. There was no hope anywhere. He was hopeless. He couldn't find any hope, no matter how much he hoped he could. He went through life without hope. One day he thought "Hey maybe there's some hope." And he asked Rudy Patootie.

"Is there hope?"
"Nope, no hope." said Rudy.

Jerry also had hair growing out his mouth. When he was a kid he ran his trap too much. When he went through puberty he started growing hair out his mouth and it made him talk less. He trimmed it often so it wouldn't get in the way of stuff like talking and eating.

But when Jerry found out there was no hope he quit trimming it and let the hair grow real long out of his mouth. Long and strandy. It was like a horse tail hanging out of his face. Sarah Dolphinhead walked up to Jerry.

"Jerry you need a haircut. All that hair coming out of your mouth is kind of scary." she said.
"Who cares?" said Jerry.
"Well, I hope for your sake you get a haircut in your mouth." said Sarah Dolphinhead.
"There is no hope." said Jerry.

Jerry sat on his couch eating chips and the chip crumbs would get caught in his mouth hair. He only got a few little pieces of chip down his throat. He choked a lot too.

One day out of boredom Jerry decided to brush his mouth hair tail. He got a lot of crud out of it. Then he washed and shampooed it. He got a little bit of shampoo in his mouth. It didn't taste great, but it was baby shampoo so he didn't get chemical burns on his tongue, which is something that happens with other soaps if you put it in your mouth for too long.

When he dried it all off it looked pretty. Like a brushed horsetail. Jerry decided to braid it. Because why the fuck not? Beats dying. He braided it real good and it looked very pretty and made him look handsome. He put a rubber band at the end and decided to walk to the store for more chips to eat. Because fuck it, right?

On the way to the store he was stopped by Jessie Dooberdoppin. Jessie loved Jerry's braid.
"It's gorgeous Jerry. Great hair! Stay cool!" said Jessie.

This was a surprise to Jerry. He felt confident. He felt... hope.

"Wow." he thought. Then he had a new lease on life and walked around confidently. He decided to even take a trip to Sushi Juicy, the hair stylist.

"Ooh baby I'm gonna do you right!" said Sushi Juicy. Then Sushi Juicy gave Jerry's hair mouth a perm. Then Jerry parted his mouth hair perm down the middle so he could have a good snack.

Jerry eventually lost hope again. But then he got it back from some other place.

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