Tuesday, February 3, 2015

The Neat Idea!

Durgus went to the Doc because he had a couple of problems. He was hopeful the Doc would have some cures.

"Doc, when I look up I can't see nothin'." said Durgus.
"When you look at the sky or when you roll your eyes up in your head?"
"When I roll my eyes back in my head."
"What else is wrong?" asked the Doc.
"I don't have any idea!"
"Well both those things is cuz you don't have a lightbulb in your head."
"Why would I want that?"
"You know how when people gets a neat idea a lightbulb appears in their head?" explained Doc.
"Yeah of course!" said Durgus.
"Well you need a lightbulb in your head."
"How do I get a light bulb in my head?" asked Durgus.
"I can put one in your head! Surgically." said the Doc.
"I thought you only have lightbulbs in your head when you have a neat idea."
"Well if we put the lightbulb in your head, and you turn it on, and look up in your head, you can see all the neat ideas you have, and then you can have them!"
"Are you just trying to sell me hard on the lightbulb so I'll pay you a lot for surgery?"
"No way, man!"
"What if I get the lightbulb in my head and I turn on the light and I roll my eyes back in my head and I still don't see any idea?"
"We can give you a bunch of books to read and that will put some ideas in your head to see."
"Books are pretty expensive." 
"They've been sitting on my shelves untouched for years, I'll give them to you free." said the Doc.
"What if I look at the lightbulb up there and it's so bright I go blind?" asked Durgus.
"I can put some little sunglasses in there." said the Doc.
"Are they cool sunglasses?"
"Yes, they will look very cool in your head."
"Okay I like to be cool. I don't wanna look like a fool up there." said Durgus.
"You won't!"
"Okay let's do it!" said Durgus!
"Good idea!" said Doc.
"Idea? Maybe it's working already, ha!" said Durgus.
"I haven't done the surgery yet, but maybe!" said Doc.

Then they laughed for a few minutes. 

"Don't eat anything 12 hours before surgery." said the Doc.

Then the next morning Doc performed the surgery of implanting the lightbulb and sunglasses in Durgus's head. It was a total success until the doc turned on the lightbulb and it fried Durgus's brain. Smoke came out of his ears.

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