Thursday, February 26, 2015

The Local Pregnant Fellow

Waakaka was one of those weird and ultra rare fellows who was born with a human inside of him because he was supposed to be a twin but his didn't separate correctly inside his mother's womb so his twin brother got stuck in his abdomen and he looked like he was pregnant. You know those guys? It happens, look it up.

Anyway Waakaka had his twin brother in his gut for 40 years. His stomach was huge and stuck out very far.

"Ouch my stomach hurt every day!" he said.

Then one day he complained very hard and heavy. The doctor finally came over and examined him.

"Looks like you have a growing dead guy inside of you. We have to do surgery to get rid of it." said the doctor.

So the doctor and his crew did emergency surgery to remove this pus filled dead twin human freak that was gestating inside of Waakaka.

"Waakaka aren't you relieved to get rid of that gut of gross gunk?" asked Purpy the friend.
"The doctor told me it was my twin brother. Now I miss my twin brother."
"But you never knew him and he didn't have a functional brain."
"I'll bet we woulda got along." said Waakaka.

One day Waakaka was walking down the street and a nice person was getting mugged.

"Better leave that nice person alone!" said Waakaka to the mugger.
"Beat it you nerdy guy!" said the mugger.

Then Waakaka did a roundhouse kick and knocked the mugger out.
"You are my hero thank you." said the victim.

The news caught wind of what happened and did a story on Waakaka.

"Wow Waakaka you sure are a hero. And also we hear you had a dead twin body stuck pregnant inside of you for over 40 years. What are the odds that you'd have that happen AND save a person from a mugging." said the news.
"I know it's sure something."
"Quite a life you've had so far."
"Yes. Thank you."
"Those odds are just remarkable."

Then a movie prodcuer watching TV got an idea. He called Waakaka.

"Hey Waakaka wanna sell your life story for a lot of money?"
"Neat!" said Waakaka.

Then Waaakaka made a bunch of money and the life story was a hit movie.

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