Thursday, February 19, 2015

Glenn Ages

Glenn thought he was quite a stud. He looked at ladies, popped his eyebrows a couple of times and said "Yeah, I know!"

But time went by and Glenn got older. Time took it's natural toll on Glenn. Glenn got to that age where he started to lose some hair.
"Sheesh, maybe I'm not as sexy to ladies." he said to himself in the mirror.

More time passed. Glenn got to the age where he lost more hair. And his teeth fell out.
"Aww too bad." he said.

Glenn aged a little more and he got to the natural age where his fingernails fell off.
"Guess it's that age." he said.

Glenn kept on truckin' through the years, and of course came the time that comes in all men's lives where your toes fall off.
"Gosh, I ain't the stud I used to be." Glenn said with a frown.

Then more years passed and the natural course of the human timeline came when Glenn's penis fell off.
"I guess I really am just getting older." said Glenn, as he looked in the mirror.

One morning Glenn woke up and looked in the mirror and his nipples were gone.
"Oh, they must've fallen off in my sleep or in the shower one day. Well, I really am aging."

Glenn had a great birthday celebration one year, with many good friends. The next morning he woke up to give himself a confident affirmation about still being a stud, but that time in a man's life came where the arms fall off. And Glenn's arms fell off.
"Some people get cosmetic work done, and some people age naturally. I'm in the latter." he said to himself.

Glenn had a go with the flow attitude on the outside, but he secretly longed for his super-stud days. One day old Glenn strolled down the street, feeling, ya know, old.

That's when Danielle Dubious popped out from nowhere. She was a big black lady who knew about fashion and what looked good. Her main ingredient: confidence!
"Stop right there!" she said, "what's wrong, baby!?!?" she said baby because it was very in her character.
"Oh me? I guess I just wish I was still more of a stud." said Glenn with his toeless feet, bald head, toothless mouth, penisless crotch, and armless torso.
"Baby, you sexy!" said Danielle.
"Who me?"
"Yeah! You don't even know you got the goods! Some men age like fine wine, and you are a Cabernet, baby!"
"Cabernet is the best wine!" said Glenn.
"It sure is! Now go strut your stuff!" said Danielle Dubious.

Glenn then hit the sidewalk strut with a dazzle in his eye, and a sparkle in his step. He was back. Back, baby.

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Ronnie Peace said...

Glenn was 29. That's my guess.