Saturday, February 7, 2015

Traffic in Memory Lane

Karate Kevin and Donut Roy met up for a drink at the bar. They were old friends and hadn't seen each other in a while.

"Ahhh this is a good beer." said Karate Kevin, sipping his Lager.
"Slurrrrp." said Donut Roy as he sucked the foam off his Pilsner.
"I've got to say you're looking great Donut Roy."
"Thanks Kevin, I've been trying." said Roy.

Donut Roy ate tons of Donuts but was in pretty fit shape considering. He used to be big and fat.

"Let's have a bunch of beers for the heck of it!" said Karate Kevin.
"Let's have 'em for the fun of it!" said Donut Roy.

They got drunk on beers together and had laughs. They talked about all the old friends and how Karate Kevin was so good at Karate and defending everyone.

"But I never got the chance to defend you, Donut Roy." said Karate Kevin.
"That is okay, maybe I'll get in trouble again some day!" said Donut Roy

Then they chugged more beer.

"Hey, remember Duke Dirtbully?" asked Karate Kevin.
"You kicked his butt when he tried to bully Tanya Pickles."
"Ha ha yah!" said Kevin.

The downed more beer and nuts.

"Remember Susie Bushies?!" asked Karate Kevin.
"Ooh yeah I loved her. Remember Goofy Carol?!" said Donut Roy.
"She was somethin' else!"
"Remember Donna Plantfeeder?"
"Which one was she?" asked Kevin.
"The one with brown hair." said Roy.
"Ohh, how could I forget!?"
"How bout that one time, it was wacky!"
"And also our great great friend Jamal was standing there and he was like 'this stuff is crazy!'" said Kevin.
"Yes, he was our great friend." said Roy.

Then they had more beer.

"Boy, we seemed to have walked so far down memory lane that I am lost! How do we find our way back!?" said Donut Roy.
"Ha ha I am lost too!" said Karate Kevin.
"But wait! Remember Ronald Hamsandwich?" said Donut Roy.
"Yes!" said Kevin.
"I was so in love with him, and he broke my heart, and I was sad for years." said Roy.
"But then Tits Rhonda showed up, what a wild wacky woman she was." said Kevin.
"Yes, she made everything better." said Roy.
"I must admit. Tits Rhonda made everything better for me too!"
"Why you old dog, you!"
"Hey, I got to pee." said Karate Kevin.
"Hey, can you still kick peoples butts real good?" asked Donut Roy
"Sure can!"
"So cool!"
"Okay let me go pee."

Karate Kevin went to pee and Angry Gene walked up.

"Hey, I'm Angry Gene, and I overheard you guys talking about Tits Rhonda! I used to go with Tits Rhonda a few years ago, and it didn't work out but we stayed really close friends, and I don't like the way you were talkin' about her, so I'm gonna hit you!!"
"Don't do it, my friend will be back any second, and also we didn't mean nothin' by it."

Angry Gene then slugged Donut Roy real hard, knocking him off the barstool. Then Gene left. Karate Kevin came back.

"What happened?"
"I got beat up because of the old times with Tits Rhonda!" said Roy.
"Awww shoot I wish I was there to defend you. I'm sad I missed my chance."
"I'm hurt real bad."
"Should we get you to a doctor?" asked Karate Kevin.
"No, get me to a donut!!" said Donut Roy.
"Ha ha okay!"

Then they ate Donuts.

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