Friday, February 20, 2015

People and Problems

Frankie had a combover. Judith had a saggy boob. Alberti had a club foot. Jethro had a broken necklace. Pauline ate an expensive lobster for lunch. Kooky Pookie ate rocks.

Gibby had to wear a bib his whole life. Yolonda had a birthmark. Ed had a problem digesting cheese. Horace had a big Adam's apple. Cunk had an enlarged hair growing out of his thigh. Dobble D. Doo was a spitter.

Moffit drooled. Corky knew too much trivia that no one wanted to hear. Bernice was a snob. Hoover Dutson had a nose blowing fetish. Bill the Mayor killed a man and had it covered up. Danny Kellogg was a successful comedian who came from a rich family and stole all his jokes from this poor loser named Hector Smoot.

Mr. Peppersmith kept poison in his basement. Lisa had a big hearing aid. Gavin used his friend's girlfriend's suicide as an excuse to get out of noble humanitarian work he'd signed up for so people would think he was a good person, so he could party. Bippy ran his car into a telephone pole and caused a blackout. Happy Cathy was miserable.

Benjamin Barfbag had a condition that made his weiner blue. Bert had a cough. Jan stubbed her toe. Alma had fangs. Corrina limped. Jeff was a redhead. Sparky had a funny lookin' butt. The Elephant Man had food in his teeth. Terry wore a t-shirt to a wedding. Max had a surgery scar. Janet had a divorce. Trent the weed guy smoked too much weed.

Deborah wore too much denim. Linda married Grant even though she loved Miles. Josh wrote dense rambling stories that no one read. Felicia was dumb. Lamaria used too much cayenne pepper and burned her vocal cords. John Donkey had earlobes for nipples.

Mustard boy ran out of bread. Jim the Mechanic broke a transmission. Hank wore an eyepatch. Beth used her sexy body to get peoples' approval. Forkman couldn't figure out how to play the spoons. Daniel and Darnell didn't like being twins. Judy was sad.

Everybody had some sort of problem. Some of them tried harder to deal with them. None of them ever got rid of all of them.

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