Saturday, February 28, 2015

The Butt Cut

Jasper Hickums looked at his mop head in the mirror.
"Uh oh this ain't no good." said Jasper.

He walked over to his mom and pointed at his head.

"Mom what do I do bout this here?" he shouted to her.
"Go get your head cut." said mom.

Jasper went to the cutter. He really wanted to go for a handsome look. Instead of the crud look which was a mainstay on his face and head.

Fuffy the barber chopped his hair up real nice. Jasper got a haircut, and the haircutter parted his hair down the middle. In fact, Jasper could not even change the hair by combing and brushing it, no matter how hard he tried. Fuffy had permanently given him a new look (until it grew out).

Jasper went to a little get together at his friend Ian's house. Jimmy the Juiceman was there. Not much got passed Jimmy.

"Hi Jimmy the Juiceman." said Jasper.
"Who looked like you got a butt cut!!!!" said Jimmy the Juiceman

Jimmy the Juiceman was referring to the part down the middle of Jasper's hair. It was parted down the middle. So my parents stopped me from making jokes about that. I don't know why I said that last sentence. I must have started to fall asleep.

"Dang dood you got a butt cut!!!" said Arnold the party animal.

Jasper tried to mess his hair up and un butt cut it. Then he got the idea to own it, baby.  So he tried that.
"I think it's fresh!" said Jasper, confidently.

Jimmy the Juiceman got flustered. Because he didn't own anything.
Jasper walked away like he thought he was Mr. Cool.

He was Mr. Cool, but he still had a butt cut.

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