Thursday, February 5, 2015

Stretching is Healthy

Pepe wanted to get ready for his big presentation at the office.

"I as very nervous." said Pepe.
"You have to find something to calm your nerves." said Doris.
"Do you having suggestions for me?"
"Stretch." said Doris.

Saphire walked by and overheard, then approached.

"Are you guys talking about stretching?" asked Saphire.
"Yes." said Doris.
"And you're advising him to stretch?" asked Saphire.
"Yes." said Doris.
"Oh good. Sweet stuff, it's true. You have to stretch and stretch hard. Those sassy little nerves will just go away!!!" said Saphire to Pepe.
"Okay I will do."

Pepe went and stretched real hard. He got rid of all the nervous.

"Wow I feel great." said Pepe.

Doris and Saphire cheered and applauded. Then Pepe thought about his presentation. Then he got nervous again.

"Uh oh I nervous again what do I do?" he said.
"Stretch again and stretch harder! Do it!" said Saphire.
"Yeah stretch more, Pepe." said Doris.
"Yeah stretch, Pepe, you little cutie!"

Pepe stretched real hard. Saphire and Doris liked watching Pepe stretch because of his cute little buns. He was in great shape, he just had a bit of stiffness. After this stretch they knew they had to get back to work.

"Have fun with your presentation!" they said. And they left him in the throes of a super hard stretch.
"I feel better now agains." said Pepe.

But something was off. Pepe stretched too hard, his arm was real long looking. And it wasn't before. He didn't notice. He went into the office and gave a fantastic presentation.

But the two bosses kept mumbling quietly to each other, "Geez, why's that one arm so long?" "Good question." said the other. And they couldn't really focus on the presentation.

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