Sunday, February 15, 2015

Another Porch Day

Old Gramps Leatherneck sat on the porch and cackled up a storm. The wind blew hard.

"Aaaaahh haaa that's a good gust a wind!" said cacklin' Old Gramps.
"Hey Gramps, watch me dance like a chicken!" said Little Joey Swanson.
"Aaaaaahh dat's a good dance!" said Gramps.

Then the kid ran off. The newspaper man came by.

"You got da baper for me?" said Gramps Leatherneck.
"I thought you canceled the paper." said the Paper Man.
"I did but I wanted a trick ya aaaaaah ha haa!"
"Haaa that was a good trick." said the Paper Man.

The mailman came by.

"Got some bills for you." said the mailman.
"Thanks for da bills can ya do me a favor and pay for em, haaaaaa haa." said Gramps.
"Haaa that's a good one." said the mailman.

Later in the day the pizza delivery man drove by.
"Hey pizza, that's for me!" said Gramps.
The pizza car drove past and didn't hear Gramps.
"Shoot." said Gramps.

Then Gramps got up real slow, because he wanted to make a phone call to order pizza for himself. but as he walked toward the cordless phone inside his house he saw a pile of coupons and menus stacked up and saw the Chinese menu.

"Yuck I hate Chinese! Haaaaa haaa!" said Gramps.
Then he threw the Chinese menu and saw a menu for Thai food.
"Oooh dat looks good."

Then Gramps called the Thai place and ordered some food. He went back out and waited on the porch for the Thai delivery to come. The delivery guy showed up.

"Delivery?" he asked.
"Nope, not me!" said Gramps.
"But I sees here you order delivery."
"But there musts be some mistake." said delivery man.
"Aaaaah haaa haa I just makin' a joke." said Gramps.
"Oh hehe." said delivery man.

Then Gramps paid the delivery man and enjoyed the food on the porch.

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