Friday, February 27, 2015

The Trippiest Experience

Harry got his hand caught in the drawer because he was reaching for a candy bar in there. It was Rimaldi's candy bar. Rimaldi didn't want Harry to have it that's why he stopped him by slamming the drawer shut.

"I was saving that for me, can't have it." said Rimaldi.
"Ouch my hand though!" said Harry.

Then his hand got purple and blue from the painful slam and bruise. Then he thought it was colorful and pretty so he went around showing it girls to impress them. Most didn't think it was pretty.

"I'm confused lady, I thought girls were supposed to like pretty stuff." said Harry.
"No it's ugly and ew." said the stuck up girls he asked.

Harry hung around a group people that were not good representations of their genders and creeds. These girls were all judgmental and did not think the bruisy hand was pretty, even though it was colorful and girls like colorful things.

But then Harry ran into Blissful Beaver, who was a stonery guy who liked trippy stuff. Harry showed Blissful Beaver his hand.

"Wow sheeesh so colorful!" said Blissful Beaver.

Stoners love colorful things too. Like girls.

"How did you get it so trippy man?" asked Blissful Beaver.
"Slammed it in a door."
"A door?"
"I mean a drawer! My mistake." said Harry.
"Mind if I drop some mind altering stuff in my mouth and stare at your hand?" asked Blissful Beaver.
"No." said Harry.

Then Blissful Beaver took some drugs and looked at Harry's bruised hand for a few hours. Blissful Beaver would say "Whoa" every now and then. Then...

"Oh no, I'm so rude I completely forgot to offer you some mind alterers!" said Blissful Beaver.
"Don't worry, my sensation enhancer of choice is candy bars. That's why I have a fat belly." said Harry.
"You're in luck." said Blissful Beaver, as he reached into a bag and pulled out a candy bar, "I've got a candy bar right here and it's yours now and by the way you hide the stomach well with dark clothes the look slimming."
"Thanks and yum!" said Harry.

Then Rimaldi walked up.

"Hey is that mine?" said Rimaldi.
"No it's mine, Blissful Beaver gave it to me." said Harry.

Then Harry ate the candy bar and was happy, though he had to use his not bruised hand because the bruised one hurt to grip with. What a wild and different experience that was.


Ronnie Peace said...

This was triply, I agree, but it left me feeling confused. What type of candy bar was it?
I was also left feeling sad. I like candy bars, but I don't have one to eat.
Chocolate bars are Australia's candy.

Ronnie Peace said...

Triply is Australia's trippy. Apparently