Tuesday, February 24, 2015

The Compliments

Deb and Juanita ran into each other and gave compliments.

"I love your hair!" said Deb.
"I love your shirt!" said Juanita.
"Did you just get your hair done?" asked Deb.
"No it's been like this a long time." said Juanita.
"You have that natural look, I love it." said Deb, about Juanita's hair.
"Is that a new shirt?" asked Juanita.
"Yes I just got it." said Deb.
"I knew it! That why it's great. Such a fresh new look." said Juanita, about Deb's shirt.
"It's an exact replacement of an old shirt." said Deb.
"I mean it's just a classic." said Juanita.
"Isn't it funny how classic seems like a nicer word for old and ratty?" asked Deb.
"Isn't it funny how natural sometimes has that connotation of filthy? said Juanita.
"Natural can mean like effortless too." said Deb.
"Oh, effortless can mean you look great without trying. So thank you." said Juanita.
"True. And you're welcome, but effortless can also mean you look like you don't try and have just given up." smiled Deb.
"I guess that's better than try and still look awful." smiled Juanita.

Deb smiled. Juanita smiled back. They smiled at each other. It was a smile off.

"You look awful." said Juanita.
"You're a filthy woman, do you wash?" said Deb.
"Your shirt should be a diaper wiper!" said Juanita.
"I hate you!" said Deb.
"I hate you more for your fashion sense, and everything about you!" said Juanita.
"I think your hair is greasy and disgusting, I've held it in for years." said Deb.
"I knew you didn't like my hair when you said you did!" said Juanita.
"You were lying about my shirt!" said Deb.

Then they came to blows and got in a hair pulling and shirt ripping fight.

They were both big phonies who were unhappy with themselves. Once they cooled off from their fight they went back to acting like everything was normal and made polite small talk every time they saw each other.


Ronnie Peace said...

Nice work, mate. Nothing beats a good Ol' fashioned cat fight. Even a phony one

Tamzen Temple said...

It's like you are a fly on a wall... So accurate in your portrayal.