Sunday, March 1, 2015

Planet Disgusto

Gravel Mouth walked up to Scabman.

"Hey Scabman." said Gravel Mouth as gravel fell out of his mouth.
"Hi Gravel Mouth." said Scabman whose body, head, hands, fingers, butt, teeth, and eyelids were covered in one big thick giant scab.

"I've got this oozy pus filled sore I wonder if you know anything about it." said Gravel Mouth, as he dribbled more gravel on the ground.
"Hey be careful. I might slip on that gravel!" said Scabman.
"Hey you be careful, I'm sensitive about comments about the gravel that falls out my mouth." said Gravel Mouth.
"Oh great, suddenly everything is all PC now." said Scabman.
"Quit pickin' on me!" said Gravel Mouth.
"Pickin'?!" said Scabman.
"How dare you say pick to me!?" said Scabman.
"You pick!" said Gravel Mouth.
"I don't pick!"
"Oh I bet you're a big picker!"
"That's why you don't heal, and you're all scab!"
"No I am all scab, there's nothing to heal!" said Scabman.
"You're way too defensive." said Gravel Mouth, as more gravel fell out his mouth.
"You're too sensitive!"
"Anyway, back to this oozy pus filled sore." said Gravel Mouth.
"What about it? I didn't do it." said Scabman.
"I need advice."
"Just let it scab up and see what happens." said Scabman.

Then a pint of pus shot out of Gravel Mouth's oozy sore and hit Scabman in his scabby arm.

"Ouch!" said Scabman.
"Ew sorry." said Gravel Mouth.
"The force of your pus cracked my scabby arm, now I have to wait for it to scab over!" said Scabman.

Then the both of them started slipping on gravel, like two sneaky criminals foiled by marbles on the floor in the dark.

"Woop! Woop! Woop! Woop!" they said as they tried to keep their balance. Then they fell on the ground, getting gravel and pus in their sores and scab cracks.

"Guess we better learn to be friends if we're gonna survive life on this crazy planet." said Scabman.
"I hope we learn to celebrate our differences." said Gravel Mouth.

More gravel fell out of his mouth.

"I have a lot of regret in life."
"Me too, I hope we learn from our poor choices." said either of them.

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