Sunday, March 29, 2015

Cop Case Heat

Cop Joe blew the lid off the big case.

"You're getting too close to the case!" said Chief Tucky.
"Don't tell me I'm too close I'm the right amount of close I just blew the lid of the damn thing."

Chief Tucky had something up his sleeve. He pulled out a turkey leg.

"Hey I knew I had some lunch that I didn't eat yet." said Chief Tucky.
"Hey can I have a bite?" said Cop Joe.

Cope Joe had a bite.

"Mmm that's yummy, did your wife make it?" asked Cop Joe.
"No I just got it in the Cop Cafeteria."
"Oh I have to try that sometime, I usually get fast food."
"Don't do it, it'll put you in your grave." said Chief Tucky.
"You're right, it's a bad habit."
"Speaking of putting you in graves, you gotta steer clear of this case."
"But I'm so close to it hitting it big with this case." said Cop Joe.
"The mayor is breathing down my neck."
"Okay okay fine." said Cop Joe.
"Cool I gotta go pee, talk soon." said Chief Tucky.

Cop Joe walked toward the door to leave then thought for a second and turned around.

"Chief Tucky, I gotta ask, are you on someone else's pay roll too?" asked Cop Joe.
"Hey what you trying to say? You can't say that, get out of my office, and while you're at it gimme your badge and gun too!" said Chief Tucky.

Cop Joe hadn't just blown the lid off the case, he'd blown the bottom out too. See, the Chief was on the bad guy's payroll and Cop Joe had been scopin' the bad guys but the cops had been cleanin' up the bad guys' messes, but still leaving loose ends for Cop Joe to pick the ends up. And Chief Tucky was at the helm of it. And he was picking up little pieces of payola on the side.

"Everyone is crooked here!" said Cop Joe.

Then the Cop Chiropractor came up.
"Someone say someone's crooked? Here lemme give it a try."

Then he adjusted Cop Joe.
"I'm not crooked, it's this goon who's crooked." said Cop Joe.

Then the Cop Chiropractor went and adjusted Chief Tucky.
"Ooh I feel much better. You're right. You can have your badge and gun, and I'm sorry I was doing all that bad stuff. I'll be a good guy cop now, again. Go get those law breaking cops and bad guys and let's bust 'em. Good work." said Chief Tucky.
"And good work to you Chiropractor Cop, you saved the day!" said Cop Joe.
"You bet!" said Chiropractor Cop, enthusiastically.

Then Chiropractor Cop walked away and muttered to himself "Good thing they didn't find out I'm a shyster."

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