Thursday, March 26, 2015

Two Guys Be Themselves

Grumpy was in a bad mood and he was being a grouch.

"Hey cheer up!" said Cheery!
"No I'm in a bad mood." said Grumpy.
"Aw well what if you sang a song."
"I hate songs."
"Really? People love songs."
"Not me."
"Are you just saying that cuz you're in a bad mood?"
"Ah so what songs do you like?"
"None right now, quit trying to cheer me up."
"Let me just try to sing you this one song, okay?"
"Here goes..."

Cheery struck a pose and sang

"Hey, hey, hey! Cheer on up!
Hey, hey, hey! Cheer on down!"

"I hate this song." said Grumpy.
"Do you like to dance?" asked Cheery.
"What do you think?"
"Yes?" asked Cheery.
"No." said Grumpy.

Then Mean came over. Mean was known for being mean, not grumpy. There's a difference. Mean always said mean things to people. Both Grumpy and Cheery dreaded Mean's mean energy.

"Hey, excuse me guys. I'm just passing by, don't mind me, hope you're doing well." said Mean.
"Hmm something seems up with Mean." said Cheery.
"Yeah he didn't seem like himself." said Grumpy.
"What were we just talking about?" said Cheery.
"I forgot." said Grumpy.

Then they went and watched a Karate movie in silence.

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