Friday, March 13, 2015

Steam Street Showdown

In the dangerous city the streets were a sight. There was a turf war between rival gangs.

Johnny Earrings was the leader of his gang.
"I own this neighborhood. These are my streets." said Johnny Earrings.
"You got it, Johnny. No argument here." said the people.

Johnny Earrings was tough because he had big earrings. They were the biggest. You couldn't miss em. He wore like big hula hoops for earrings, and he was so tough with these earrings that he had to have a team of people surround him at all time, so no one would yank them. It was a very tricky scary and delicate situation. Luckily his homies were loyal. It helped that he looked very cool with these big hula hoop earrings. No one wanted to mess with a nice aesthetic.

"Yo Johnny, your earrings are looking extra cool today, bro." his street homies would say.
"Thanky. I feel it when I stroll the streets." said Johnny.
"You should feel real good and cool about yourself."
"With cool comes power, and with power comes responsibility." said Johnny.

His homies nodded their heads, but none of them were interested in growing beyond loyal protective homies. Johnny Earrings had too great of an aesthetic.

Speaking of aesthetic one of Johnny Earrings' rivals was Steamy Glistens. He wasn't threatening or dangerous at all, but he wore pink jackets with big shoulder pads, neon orange lipstick, yellow hair, and could shoot harmless blue lasers out of his fingers. He was colorful and neat looking. Unfortunately he didn't have much of a personality. But people would keep him around because of the lasers and stuff.

"Whew wunts ta meet!?" said Steamy Glistens to everyone.
"Are yew go-ang tew the gather-ang?" he'd say to others.

Soon so many people knew him, from always being around, that he was kind of made leader of the other gang.

Word got around one night that there was gonna be a showdown between the gangs. Johnny Earrings and Steamy Glistens were to dual in the streets.

Both gang leaders met in the street at the set location of Rod Blvd. and Steam Street. They both looked cool as ever. At the stroke of midnight they were to dual.

"Tick... tick.. tick..." said the clock. And click. Midnight.

But nothing happened they both stood there.

"You look pretty cool." said Johnny Earrings.
"Sew duh yew." said Steamy Glistens.
"Thank you."
"Well cool."

Then no one fought and the gang scene kinda morphed into a really progressive art scene that lasted like two years, fizzled out, and was forgotten, until someone made a documentary about it 10 years later.

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W MMW said...

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