Saturday, March 28, 2015

The Inappropriate Talk

It was a nice day in the park. Dino was sitting on the bench. Half of the bench had a beam of sunlight hitting it. The other half had a shade over it. Dino sat on the shady side.

Bonzo walked up to the bench and took a seat.

"Ooh this seat is waaarm! said Bonzo.
"Hey I don't need to know about the sensations of your butt, pal!" said Dino.
"I was just commenting that the seat was warm." said Bonzo.
"Yeah, well you didn't come over here and put your face on it, or your hand on it. You came over here and put your butt on it! And I don't need to know about what kinds of things you're feeling with your butt!" said Dino.
"Is your seat warm?" asked Bonzo.
"No." said Dino.
"Well, hey you just told me about what your butt is feeling!"
"You asked!" said Dino.
"You still told. You're a butt-talker too." said Bonzo.
"Am not."
"Yes are."

Then Madra walked by. She was a big bad snoot woman who didn't like filth.

"I just walked by!" said Madra.
"Yeah so?" said Dino.
"I walked by and overheard you two PERVERTS talking about your butts!"
"Hey you're a pervert too because you said the word butt, that's sick, you butt-sayer!" said Bonzo.
"Oh goodness I won't stand for this smut chat. I'm going to get the priest and he will tell you you're all unholy and bad." said Madra.

Then the priest walked up.

"No need to get me. I'm here. I heard all you sinners talking about your sinful butts." said Priest.
"Yeah well first off I didn't wanna hear about no butt sensations in the first place. And second, the bible says we are all sinners, so who cares what sin we sin, when we're all gonna sin anyway!" said Dino.
"Whoa. That's deep man." said the Priest.
"Thanks Bro." said Dino.
"Wow that was so deep I felt a little tingle in my dick." said Bonzo.

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