Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Hangtime with the Boys

Spiky Haired Dan walked up to Dumpy Carl who was hanging with Whiny Voiced Moffitt. Melting Andrew walked up, melting. He wanted to hang out with these guys for a little bit before he melted.

"Hey guys I was thinking it'd be cool if we went and broke something!" said Spiky Haired Dan.
"Ooh that sounds like a lot of energy to expend." said Dumpy Carl.
"Yeah breaking stuff could make you cut yourself and I don't wanna get hurrrrrrt." said Whiny Voiced Moffitt.
"Hey guys, I'd like to do whatever you guys would like to do before I melt completely." said Melting Andrew.

A cool rock song played on the radio outside. They were hanging at a burger joint, by the way. It was a cool hang spot. Babes walked by sometimes eating burgers. The guys all shook their tushes to the tune.

"I think we should break a window or something to say screw society!!" shouted Spiky Haired Dan.

Just then, Authority Bruce walked up.
"I think if you do that I might have something to say about it." said Authority Bruce.
"Oh no it's Authority Bruce! Now we're all gonna get in trouuuuble." said Whiny Voiced Moffitt.
"No you, you whiny wimp!" said Bruce, "Just the freak!"
"Who me?" said Melting Andrew, who was melting.
"No, little Spiky Haired Dan here." said Bruce.
"Oh phew." said Melting Andrew.

Melting Andrew was insecure because he was kind of more of a freak than Spiky Dan. But Authority Bruce was more into presiding over Dan.

"I'm gonna pummel you, Spiky boy!" said Bruce.
"Oh yeah like I'm so scared!" said Spiky Dan, in a tone that let Bruce know he wasn't scared.

Bruce readied himself to pummel Dan. Then suddenly he got a look of discomfort on his face. He reached into the back of his pants. His underwear and ridden up him behind. He had to pull it out. It was very much causing of discomfort. Bruce moved his hand around in the back of his pants all over his butt to try to flatten out his wadded undies. It worked. Then he charged toward Spiky Dan, but he slipped and fell on Melting Andrew, who had pretty much completely melted. Melting Andrew was all over Bruce's pants and butt.

"Oh no I'm so embarrassed." said Authority Bruce. Then he ran off.

Melting Andrew saved the day, but everyone missed him when he was gone.
"We should have hung out with him harder." said everyone.

And that was one of many fabulous youthful memories that those boys shared together.

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