Friday, March 13, 2015

The Funnies

Clem was reading the funnies.
"Pffff..." he snorted when he read a joke in one.

Durk looked up. Clem kept reading. Durk looked back down.
"P'hahahaha!" said Clem.

Durk didn't know what Clem was laughing at.
"Hm-hmmph." giggled Durk. Then he looked down and went back to his business.
"Haaaa!" laughed Clem.

The funnies were getting really good.
"What is it?" asked Durk softly.

But Clem was too entranced by the funnies to answer.
"Uh-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-haaaaaa!" said Clem
"Ha! Hahahaha." said Durk.
"Hahahahahah this is good!" said Clem.
"Haha, tell me." said Durk.
"Hahahahahaha, man..." said Clem
"What? What? Hahahah." said Durk anxiously.

Clem took a breath.
"Ohhhhh. That's funny." and he shook his head.
"Hmmph. Sure sounds funny." said Durk.

Clem wiped his forehead. He took a sigh of relief from the hard laughing he'd done. He decided to read a little more. He thought he'd gotten through the best of the funnies. But then a big one hit him.

"HAAA! HAAHAHAHAHAHA!" laughed Clem.
"Hahahahahah." laughed Durk.
"Hahahahahaha!" said Durk.

Then Hessica walked in.

"HAHAHAHA." laughed Clem.
"Heh heh heh hehehhh heeeee!" said Durk.
"What's going on?! What is it tell me!" said Hessica.

Durk wiped a tear from his face.
"He's reading the funnies, I think, hehehe." said Durk.
"Oh what's funny?" said Hessica.
Clem kept laughing.

Then Hessica started laughing and more people kept walking in and asking what was funny and not finding out but laughing, until the room was full of people laughing hard. Their foreheads got sweaty and their brains relaxed. They had a tingly strange feeling from their chests up to the top of their brows. Their eyes felt better, they breathed better, they thought clearer, they slept better, and they worried less that day.

Then Andrew the analytical part-time detective and part-time blogger decided to investigate whether
the true source of the laughter was the infectious laughing energy from the laughing, or the cartoons in the funnies. He wrote a boring, humorless, pretentious article about it that made people unhappy when they read it.

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