Wednesday, March 25, 2015

The Goal Oriented Fellow

Bitchy had them big ol' milk titties and Lil Bitty Fat Squeaks wanted some dat milk.

"Cain't no one get my milk!" said Bitchy
"Dang!" said Lil Bitty Fat Squeaks.

Lil Bitty Fat Squeaks walked around cursin' and saying "Dang!" a bunch.

"Dang!" he said.
"What wrong." said Ern Duggert.
"I want dat fat titty milk from Bitchy!"
"Go on get it din."
"She sars I cain't has none." said Lil Bitty Fat Squeaks.
"Dang what choo gon do?" said Ern.
"Hmm... what can I do?" said Lil Bitty Fat Squeaks.
"Hmm... tries ta trick her." said Ern.

Lil Bitty Fat Squeaks thought that was a swell ol' idar. Lil Bitty Fat Squeaks went over to the field by Bitchy and falled on the ground. Once he went and hit on the ground he started up the cryin' and hollerin'.

"Uh oh I'm dyin' I'm dyin' I'm dyin' I'm dyin! I needs help who will help. Maybe Bitchy?"

Bitchy waddled on over.
"What the fuck ass u whin' bout?" said Bitchy.
"I's dyin'."
"What gon' fix ya?"
Lil Bitty Fat Squeaks put a big ol' grin on his face.
"Only one thang gon' fix me from dyin'... some uh that fat titty milk." grinned Lil Bitty Fat Squeaks.
"I'll give you my piss but not my milk!" said Bitchy.
"Dang!" said Lil Bitty Fat Squeaks.

Lil Bitty Fat Squeaks didn't want Bitchy's piss. Lil Bitty Fat Squeaks decided to walk for miles and miles until he could find a town that had a learning annex with a seminar about both strategy and achieving your goals. He didn't have no money to take them courses but they was free.

Lil Bitty Fat Squeaks returned toward Bitchy with a strategy to get the titty milk. Soon it would be his. But on his walk he was panting heavy and collapsed from complications due to Hepatitis, which he didn't know he had.

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