Tuesday, March 10, 2015

The Served Customer

Howard Howard had to call the customer service people on the phone. They weren't very helpful.

"I'm sorry you feel that way, sir." said the customer service lady.
Then Howard said a bunch of frustration talk.
"I understand your frustration, but sorry." said the customer service lady.
"I don't think you do!" said Howard.

Then they talked in circles for a long time and Howard wasn't helped. Then he started screaming about supervisors and how it was unfair and he screamed and screamed. Then the customer service lady hung up on him or they got disconnected or something.

Howard pulled out some hair and held a bunch of anger inside of his body. It ruined his next twenty three minutes.

Then Howard's telephone rang again.

"May I speak to Mr. Howard please?"
"Speaking." said Howard.
"It's the customer service lady, I checked out a thing and I'm sorry about the disagreement and we are gonna take care of the thing."
"Oh wow thank you I'm sorry for yelling earlier."
"It's no problem Mr. Howard Howard."

Howard wasn't really sorry for yelling. It got him what he wanted, which is what he felt was fair. He had gotten his way from yelling and throwing a fit. What a successful performance. Though he had gotten his way he still felt jittery and shaky all day. Because he had unleashed so much rage. What a strange conflict this was. 

Howard tried yelling and throwing fits to get his way for other things in life but instead it just alienated people. He once also tried yelling at a crooked picture he was trying to hang to get it to straighten out. It didn't work either. Then Howard learned to reserve the yelling fit for times where it was called for.

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