Tuesday, March 3, 2015

The Belligerent Drawing

Georgey Poo made a drawing of a face of a man. It was a pretty just okay drawing. He looked at the drawing.

"I'm not that great!" said the drawing.

It's true. It wasn't that great of a drawing. It was kind of lazy and wasn't aesthetically interesting in an amateur way or an advanced expert sort of way. It was just bla mediocre blank blah bad.

"Aw man, I tried." said Georgey Poo.
"Well you coulda done better." said the drawing.
"Coulda? The word is could've or could have. Don't be so lazy with your speech."
"I'm lazy because I was drawn lazy." said the drawing.
"Aw man you got me where it hurts." said Georgey Poo.
"Yeah I went for the jugular, don't mess with me." said the drawing.
"Are you dangerous and a must be stopped kinda guy?"
"No I'm not like power hungry or anything, your drawing skills don't have enough depth to draw that." said the drawing.
"Aw man it hurts again."
"Well you better get better at drawing." said the drawing.

Georgey Poo went and took some drawing lessons. He worked hard and had a stern teacher who taught him skill.

"Find the darks!"
"Draw what you see!"
"Don't draw from memory!"
"Take risks!"
"Love yourself!"
"Give me a quick tickle!" were all some of the things the drawing teacher said.

He was a controversial teacher with strange methods. But Georgey Poo got better.

One day Georgey Poo drew another drawing.
"Hey I'm pretty good." said the drawing.
"Cool, thanks." said Georgey Poo.
"Much better than that bad one from way back before." said the drawing.
"Hey!" said the older meaner drawing.
"You should throw that drawing away, it wasn't very good." said the new drawing.
"Okay I will." said Georgey Poo.

The old drawing chimed in, "Wait wait I know I'm bad but but but but---"
"Riiiip!" said the the paper of the drawing being ripped in half by Georgey Poo.

Then he threw the mean mediocre old drawing in the garbage and erased the measurement of his progress.

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