Tuesday, March 31, 2015

The Quit Quitter

Harold walked up the big hill mountain mound thing. It was a stretch. It was strenuous. He was tired. He didn't like it. But he decided he wanted to do it. So he could point to it and say "Guess what I made it to the top of that mountain hill thing" to people during social interactions and they would be like "Oooh wow you sure are better than me at that because I didn't do it." And if he happened to meet someone who had also done it they could compare notes and be pals and equals. Win win.

So Harold walked and panted. Harold also had a weakness. His weakness was quitting. He loved to quit. He couldn't quit quitting. He was always quitting stuff because it was so easy. That was another reason he wanted to make it to the top, so he could quit quitting. Or at least wane off quitting. He wanted to wane. But he was scared he'd just quit.

"Ehh... This is rough. I been doing it a while now." he said at the half way point, "Ahh I'll keep going."

There was a stick sticking out of the ground. He was looking forward and had his eyes on the prize, the top. Because he wasn't looking the stick scratched him.

"Ouch!" he said. "Ahh, I'll keep going." he then said.

He passed a lady name Yelgart.
"Yallo." said Yelgart.
"Hi I'm trying not to quit." said Harold.
"Okay yai won't distrag you!" said Yelgart.
"Okay, it was nice seeing you, I'll miss you." said Harold.

He kept on, it was too bad he didn't allow himself to get distracted with Yelgart, he thought to himself.

He walked more. His knees and butt hurt.
"Now I'm hungry!" he said. He thought he should quit cuz of the knee hurt and hungry. Then he remembered there'd be food at the top.

"But I'm still hungry!" he said.
So he stopped and ate some apples from a tree. This wasn't a quit. It was a break. A break was a little like a quit but not a full on quit. He got a little of the quit relief from the break. But then he carried on.

He kept walking high. Then he got a boner.
"Oh great, a boner!" he said. This boner was a big distraction. But he figured he'd just ignore and keep going. He hoped no one would be around to notice it. He was wearing sweatpants.

He walked some more then he forgot about the boner and it went away.

"I'm all sweaty and stinky now!" he said.
He was very close to the top. Then he got sick of going up the hill top mountain thing. It really didn't seem like much of a good idea. What was the point? Just do it cuz he said he wanted to? He didn't even remember. He quit.

A little while later he tried again. Then he quit again. Then he tried again and quit again and kept doing it. It was a nice way to pass the time in his life.

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