Thursday, March 19, 2015

The Tooth Fairy Story

Little Pipper had a loose tooth and was exciting for it fall out so he could get a visit from the tooth fairy. But one day he woke up and didn't know where the tooth was. He didn't pull it out. It didn't get knocked out. Maybe it fell out and was on the floor or in the bed sheets. Maybe he swallowed it and it was soon to pass through his stool. Anyway the tooth was long gone.

Pipper was disappointed but he knew he had more chances with more little teeth to get loose. One day another tooth got loose. He was excited. He wiggled it all day. The next day it was looser. He yanked it out.

That night he stuck it under the pillow for the tooth fairy to come get. That's what always sends a bell to tooth fairy dispatch. There are lots of tooth fairies. p

Leo the Tooth Fairy took the call. He was worn out but needed the gig. He was rusty.

"Aw shit." he said.

Leo showed up at the house and he had to pee real bad. Usually he went beforehand but he was in a rush. And once he was rusty.

"Tooth fairyin' is a young man's game." said Leo, bemoaning his age.

He thought maybe he could grab the kid little mouth hook and get outta there, but his bladder was killing him. He was about to piss all over his tutu. So he tinkered his way over toward the bathroom at Pipper's house.

Leo took a real long pee in the kid's bathroom. He tried to pee as quietly as he could, but that prolonged the pee, because he peed so slow. Dad tiptoed from around the dark corner to listen to the pee. Not because he was into tooth fairy pee, or because he even knew it was the tooth fairy peeing, but because Pipper wasn't such a good peeboy and he'd pee his bed a lot. They were working hard to try to teach him to pee on his own.

Pipper pissed his bed again that night and Dad was confused.


Ronnie Peace said...

We had a Urine Fairy at our place. Unlike what the tooth fairy does, the Urine Fairy wouldn't take the piss (which is nice of him) but he would piss in your bed which makes it look like you pee'd the bed.
Really annoying. Especially for the wife

Anita Campbell said...

Well that was an uncomfortably awkward unfortunate situation to be in. Anyway, it could be very difficult to sneak in a child’s room and search under the pillow without getting caught. So Leo was right that it should be left to the younger recruits. Haha! Thanks for sharing this with us. Have a great day!

Anita Campbell @ Throgs Neck Dental