Thursday, March 19, 2015

The Big Bimbo

Junie Bimbo was such a bimbo that she was a big slut. All the other girls were like "Ew look at her she's such a slut!" and the dudes were like "Hell yeah she's such a slut!"

Junie slutted it up all over town and slutted her way to the top!

"This is fun!" she said.
"Hey want some money for being a slut?" said money people.
"Yeah!" said Junie.
"Can you dance?" said money people.
"No!" said Junie.
"Can you sing?"
"No!" said Junie.
"Can you do anything besides being slutty?"
"No!" said Junie
"Well here's a bunch of money anyway because we love how slutty you are with us and all our friends and obviously everyone likes it!"

"Hey we like it now too!" said everyone.
"Hey she's my role model!" said girls.
"I knew her when and she was my best friend!" said the girls who called her slut a long time ago.

One day Slutty Junie Bimbo got her private parts waxed.
"Good job!" she said to the waxist.
"Thanks for paying me all that money to do that." said the waxist.
"Money ain't not thang! I got tons!" she said.

She was excited to show off her wax job to people who wanted to see it.
"This is fun!" she said.
"Hey can we have your money?" said everyone who was around her.
"Yes!" she said.

Everyone took her money.
"This is so fun giving this money!" she said.

And she was beloved by all.

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April said...

sounds like the plot to don't trust the b in apt 23