Friday, March 20, 2015

The Tushie Shake

Aaron and Marcie were toast of the school and going steady. They had plans to go to the big Tushie Shake on Friday. Tushie Shake mania was taking over the school in anticipation.

"I gotta get a date to the Tushie Shake." said one kid.
"My mom grounded me, now I can't go to the Tushie Shake." said another kid.
"Kids, we won't tolerate any inappropriate behavior at the Tushie Shake." said the school's disciplinary Dean.

Barbara was Marcie's friend. Barbara had a crush on Ruben.

"Are you gonna ask Ruben if he'll take you to the Tushie Shake?" asked Marcie, who had fluffy red hair.
"I'm nervous. What if he doesn't want to take me to the Tushie Shake?" said Barbara, who wore thick glasses.
"Why wouldn't he? You're gorgeous. Any guy would kill to take you to the Tushie Shake." said Marcie.
"Okay I'm gonna ask him." said Marcie.

Marcie walked up to Ruben. Ruben was always nervous. He stuffed extra underwear in his underwear to make it look like he was filling out his underwear.

"Hi Ruben." said Marcie, nervously.
"Marcie, oh hi, didn't see you there!" said Ruben pushing out his fake pants bulge to look cool. He was nervous too.
"Um.. Um.. Umm.." said Marcie.
"Um yes? Yes?" said Ruben.
"Um... Tushie..." said Marcie.
"Tushie Shake?" said Ruben.
"Yeah- I... uh... uh-oh." said Marcie.
"Oh no."
"I peed my pants." said Marcie, "I'm so humiliated. I don't even know why I told you."
"Uh... uh... that's okay."
"Now my underwear has pee in it." said Marcie.

Ruben wanted to help. He knew he was the only one who could in that moment.
"Hey. Keep it under wraps, but I have a spare pair of underwear." said Ruben, discreetly.

He then pulled his bulge undies out and gave them to Marcie. She went and changed. She felt relieved. But then she realized she forgot to ask Ruben to the Tushie Shake.

"Ruben wait!" said Marcie.
"Yes?" said Ruben, embarrassed about his lack of cool bulge.
"Will you take me to the big Tushie Shake?" asked Marcie.
"I have another date." said Ruben.
"Oh." said Marcie.
"But I think I'll ditch her for you." said Ruben.

Then they went and everyone shook their tushies and looked real cool.

Don't worry about the other date, she was someone who said she only liked people who appeared to have big big big bulges in their pants. That's why Ruben was trying to make it look like he had a big bulge. So it wouldn't have worked out well for the two of them anyway.

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