Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Bub's Ride

Bub was drivin' in his car. He didn't like the thoughts swimming in his head. Then he remembered he had a good radio. So he turned it on. But this radio actually wasn't that good.

"What the krap!" said Bub.

It was just bad stuff. The first station was some music station in a language he didn't understand.

"Buoy yoba puoy yabba de yob yo de yob yo de yeeeeey bah!" said the station.
"Ah what the hell is this?" said Bub.

Then he changed it.

"Hey baby, let's dance all night!" said the next station.
"This song stinks!" said Bub.

Then he changed it again.

"Oooh oooh I feel you, oooh!" said a sensitive slow song.
"Sissy wimp stuff." said Bub, as he changed it once more.
"The best deals on Hondas!" said the next station.
"Change!" said Bub.
"The best deals on furniture!" said the next station.
"Change!" said Bub again.

A loud guitar solo came in on the next station.

"Ah not in the mood." said Bub.

He normally liked a good rockin' solo, but it wasn't the right time for it. So he changed it. The next station was an old hit song that everyone loved. He was relieved to hear a classic hit. The hits are always fun to listen to.

"I don't wanna be lonely, baby! I don't wanna be lonely, girl!" said the hit song.

Bub sat there for a few seconds with the hit song playing. He got restive.

"Ah, ya know what I'm sick a this song." said Bub, as he changed it again.

The song was just so familiar that it didn't challenge him. Too familiar. Bub changed the station, and changed the station, and changed it some more. He couldn't find something that he wanted to hear. Then he started thinking about how mustard tasted funny but good and how it was so strange to him that people put it on so many sandwiches. Whose idea was it to start putting mustard on stuff? Then he realized a station that didn't speak English had been playing for about five minutes and he didn't realize it.

"Tay yobba de yobbo de yobwa de yehhh buoh!" said the other language station.

Then Bub shut off the radio and sat with his mustard thoughts in silence. His thoughts drifted to subjects like ski resorts, goat rodeo, why do we need belt buckles?, and were Stegosauruses mean...

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