Wednesday, March 4, 2015


The movie theater was full of people.

Colleen sat next to Henry, who sat by Jyrampha, who sat by Bompor, who didn't know any of the those people. Bompor sat by Futzy, who was friends with Yoloda, who sat two rows back. Yoloda was one of those people who seemed nice but really wasn't. And Moco knew it more than anyone.

"Aren't you offended that you went to the movies with Yoloda and Yoloda didn't even sit by you?" said Moco to Futzy, two weeks later.
"No, I've come to expect that sort of thing from Yoloda." said Futzy.
"Well I don't think that Yoloda is very nice." said Moco.
"Yoloda seems nice to me." said Futzy.
"Hmm..." said Moco.
"Besides I got to meet Bompor whom I'd never met before. Meeting people can be nice." said Futzy.
"That's true." said Moco.
"Did Bompor know Jyrampha or Henry?" asked Moco.
"No. Bompor didn't know any of those people or me. Yet Bompor sat by all of us."
"This is all so fascinating." said Moco.
"Yes I am really enjoying this conversation." said Futzy.

Then Yoloda walked in the room.

"I know you guys are talking about me." said Yoloda.
"No we weren't." said Futzy, trying to deny it.
"It's okay. I seem nice. Maybe I'm not nice. Either way, I'm confident and that's a quality that people like. I also just like sitting alone at the movies if I have the option. Even if I go with a friend. And my good friends know not to take it personally." said Yoloda.

Moco felt a wad of metaphorical egg on his face. Guilt spread through his core for being so judgmental. Yet, here's the catch. Moco's gut was right. Yoloda was really mean, but pulled one over on Moco, who had originally had an inclination that Yoloda was mean, then felt like he'd judged Yoloda prematurely without enough information.

"Did you like the movie the other week?" asked Moco, trying to make conversation.
"I was getting a lot of text messages that I had to reply to, so I had a hard time following it." said Yoloda.

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