Sunday, March 1, 2015

The Plan to Get the Thing

Graham Crackerhead wanted to get a thing and he wanted it real bad. Oooh it was a good thing. His life would be so fulfilled once he got the thing. But was he gonna get the thing? That was the big question.

"I got the urge to have the thing someone help me ooh." said Graham Crackerhead.
"I'm not gonna help you get the thing." said Doozus.
"Aw what a meanie." said Graham Crackerhead.
"Better make another plan." said Doozus.

So Graham Crackerhead hatched a big plan to do it. He had a piece of paper that was rolled up and he unrolled it onto a table. The paper listed all the plans. It was a good way of laying it out. He asked his friend Bobo to help.

"No I don't wanna." said Bobo.

This was a major setback for Graham Crackerhead. Now he would have to do it without Bobo's help. Graham Crackerhead got tired and took a nap, while he napped the housekeeper and janitor of the office he was living in came and put the big plan in the paper shredder.

"Oh now I'm so discouraged I want the thing so bad and I keep not getting it." said Graham Crackerhead.

Graham Crackerhead walked down the street trying to organize new ways to get the thing he wanted. While he was walking he bumped into a love interest. She sure was pretty to him. But not to others in the world, but Graham Crackerhead was also strange looking and his standards of beauty and chemistry were different than the rest of the world's. He and his love interest had chemistry sparks.

"Cmon, love interest, let me take you home and introduce you to Grandma Crackerhead."
"Okay." said the love interest.

She was definitely love interested. Graham Crackerhead told love interest about the thing he had to have.

"I don't like that thing." she said.
"This ruins everything, oh no." he said.
"Boo hoo." she said.

Graham Crackerhead was heart broken. He was further away from the thing than ever and now he didn't have a love interest. All his plans and support systems for getting the big thing had failed. He was sad.

He stayed sad for a long time. Then someone told him a funny joke and he laughed at it.

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