Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Live to Sue

Koopy Greensteen was a lawyer.

"I'll sue your ass!" he said. 

It wasn't wise to mess with Koopy Greensteen. He was a tough as brass guy. He had lizard lips. He had motor mouth. He had a your ass is grass and he's a lawn mower attitude. Koopy Greensteen on the scene was danger to any stranger. He was as sue happy as it got. And he'd sue your ass. You bet your ass he'd sue it.

He didn't like a thing one time, 
"I'll sue your ass!" he said.

There was another thing he didn't like.
"I'll sue your ass!" he said

He thought a movie was bad.
"I'll sue your ass!" to the movie theater.

He was stuck in traffic!
"I'll sue your ass!" to the traffic jam.

Food didn't come out right at the diner.
"I'll sue your ass!"

He had a bad taste in his mouth.
"I'll sue your ass!" he said to his mouth.

Toothpaste was at fault for the bad taste.
"I'll sue your ass!" he said to the paste company.

"I got a pain in my ass!" he said one time.
"I'll sue my ass!" he said to himself.

Then he went to the doc.
"Fix my ass or I'll sue your ass!"

Sue sue sue sue sue. Koopy loved to sue. One time he got a client who wanted to sue someone, he sued 'em then he sued the client too! Too much sue!

One day Koopy realized the suing wasn't making him happy anymore. He didn't know what his purpose on earth was. And he died.

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Ronnie Peace said...

I'm glad he died.
I like chop suey