Friday, June 5, 2015

Bad Breath Brad

Bad Breath Brad walked into the closet where Happy Harry was hanging out. Happy Harry was reading a book about cooking. Happy Harry was in a bad mood.

Bad Breath Brad took a deep breath and exhaled a salutary sentence toward the ceiling.
"Hiiiiii Happyy Haarry!" said Bad Breath Brad.

It was fortunate he said it toward the ceiling, that way Happy Harry did not have to have Bad Breath Brad's bad breath aimed at his face.

"Hi Bad Breath Brad." said Happy Harry, with his face in his book.
"How is that book?" said Brad, still untentionally aiming his h sounds at the ceiling.
"Good, it's about cooking."

Bad Breath Brad took his shirt off.

"It's getting hot so I figured I'd air my body out." said Bad Breath Brad. Then he wafted his armpits all over the place. Happy Harry kept reading. "Anyway, I love eating." Happy Harry nodded. He was holding his breath, scared to breath Bad Breath Brad's fumes in. It was so stinky!

"I like things with whole lots of flavor. Don't hyou?" said Bad Breath Brad.
"Mmhm." said Happy Harry, who sure was not Happy.
"Let me tell you some of my favorite tasting things, most of which I just hhhad." said Bad Breath Brad.

Happy Harry snuck a mouthful of air into his face and waited for Bad Bread Brad to burn through his food list. Bad Breath Brad took a deep breath and exhaled the names of his favorite foods.

"Hi like garlic, anchovies, sardines, limburger cheese, fritos, peanut butter, durian, ofal, gym socks, salt!" said Bad Breath Brad, "Can you make any foods with those foods in 'em for me to eat?!"

Happy Harry's face was getting blue from holding his breath. He finally took a new breath. He looked mad.

"Hey Bad Breath Brad?" said Happy Harry.
"Yeah?" said Bad Breath Brad.
"Has anyone ever told you you have very stinky breath?" said Happy Harry.
"Why no, do I?"
"Oh my gosh, how embarrassing!" said Bad Breath Brad.

Then Bad Breath Brad ate some deodorant.

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