Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Bile Mouth

Bile Mouth was looking for a sweetie.

"Hey can I have a kiss?" he said.
"No." said Jessica.
"Hey can I have a kiss?" he said again.
"No." said Sally.
"Hey can I have a kiss?" he said to another.
"No." said Babs.
"Hey kiss me, babe." he said trying a new approach.
"No way!" said Gertrude.
"Hey wanna plant an ol' smooch on this guy here?" he said pointing to himself.
"Ew." said Fran.
"Hey how bout you pucker up and--" 

Then Talia interrupted Bile Mouth before he could finish what he was saying.

"Listen Bile Mouth. Your mouth is full of acidic harsh and smelly bile. I don't think many people are going to want to kiss you while you have all that bile in your mouth. You better try to rinse it out." said Talia.

Then Milk Mouth walked into the place and said "Holla."

"Oh gosh. Holla? She is so annoying." said Vanessa.
"Oy vay why would she say that?" said Rachel.
"I think she's gross look at all the milk coming out of her mouth." said Ninette. 

The ladies didn't like Milk Mouth.
"Yall's jealous." said Milk Mouth.
"Hey Bile Mouth, go talk to Milk Mouth." said Talia.

Before Bile Mouth could go talk to Milk Mouth, Milk Mouth was right in Bile Mouth's face.
"What what what! Raise a roof we gonna kiss or what?!" said Milk Mouth.
"Milk's a base, bile's an acid. Let's do it!" said Bile Mouth.

Then they kissed and neutralized each other.
"Ew." said Talia, "But good for you." 

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