Friday, June 12, 2015

The Con Boys Get Gake

The Con Boys were trouble. They knew how to pull a good trick on someone to get what they wanted.

Judy and Ted were getting married they were nice suckers. The Con Boys saw what a fancy gake they had being carted into their wedding reception ballroom. They wanted it. They hatched a plan. Giff the Con Boy would play a groom. Smed the other Con Boy would play a bride. They stood in a spot where Judy and Ted were sure to walk by, dressed as alternate bride and groom, and so the con began.

"Boo hoo hoo hoo hoo." said Smed the Bride-a-like.
"Oh please honey no." said Giff.
"Oh boo hoo hoo!" sobbed Smed loudly.

Judy and Ted were concerned.

"Lord, it seems the night will be ruined, I guess that's how we'll begin our journey of life together. With a ruined night. Thanks Lord, hope our marriage isn't always this way." said Giff.

Ted decided to say something. 

"You seem awfully upset. Is there something wrong?" said Ted.
"Oh it's nothing. Boo hoo hoo," said Smed, "just that our wedding gake got rained on and thrown away and a raccoon took it."
"Now we have no wedding gake." said Giff
"But we'll deal with what life has dealt us boo hoo hoo." said Smed.

Judy and Ted looked at each other. They knew they had to do the right thing.
"You know what? You can have half of our wedding gake."

Giff and Smed played the "oh no, we can't" routine for a few then "graciously" accepted the offer. Con achieved. They got some of that wedding gake.

They ate gake and partied at the wedding. In the end it wasn't a very good con though. The effort put into obtaining a wedding dress, tux, and making Smed appear like a bride, was more expensive than dressing like a wedding guest and just taking some wedding gake.

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