Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Rob Dob Date

Rob Dob had a hook for a hand because he had no hand on one hand, but the cheapest hook he could find, cuz he was a penny pincher, though he couldn't pinch pennies with his handless hand, was a coat hook so his hand was on the wall. When he wasn't at home standing by the door raising his hook hand to the wall, he was walking around holding coats.

One time he went on date and ate a date on the date.

"Mmm this is a sweet date." said Rob.
"I think it's a sweet too." said the date.
"Holy cow the date just talked!" said Rob's Date.
"Wait, I'm confused." said Rob.
"Okay dummy, you're eatin' dates on this date and I'm a date and I taste sweet and I'm something to eat, and also the date is a sweet date, meaning you're having a good time." said the date.
"Holy cow the date just explained what was confusing!" said Rob's Date.
"Now sweet eat me!" said the date.

Rob and Rob's Date ate the sweet talking date. They talked a lot on the date. They had a lot to talk about. They really connected, Rob and Rob's Date.

"...and another thing. I really like eating these dates. You could say I'm hooked." said Rob's Date.
"I'm hooked too!" said Rob, lifting his hook and making a hook joke.

Rob's Date didn't get it, because he had a coat on his hook hand so it looked like he was holding up a coat. Rob took the coat off the hook and said,
"Look I got a hook!"
"That's a coat rack." said Rob's Date.
"No it's a coat hook." said Rob, "Hey nice rack." said Rob about Rob's Date's boobs.
"Hey that's rude, my eyes are up here." said Rob's Date.
"Hey sorry, I'm drunk." said Rob looking away.
"Look me in the eyes and say sorry."

Rob's Date had a glass eye so Rob couldn't look at both of the eyes and say sorry. She also couldn't afford a real glass eye, so she had to have a glass eye made out of window and her eyelids were shutters, and they were squeaky so every time she blinked her face creaked.

Rob's Date lost her left eye because someone punched her in the eye. Rob lost his hand because someone shot lasers out their left eye at it. So they were both very comfortable feeling with each other. The End.

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