Sunday, June 7, 2015

The Robot Store

Welcome curious reader. Come with me to a glimpse into the future. Close your eyes and then open them and you'll be taken to a future world with different systems than we have today.

I bring you to Peppy. Peppy is a man who has very big and puffy cheeks, beady eyes, a circle of hair on his head, his pants hiked up well above his hips, to show the lumpy bumpy area of his privates. And also each toe has it's own shoe. This is the most sought after form of handsome. That is the fashion of tomorrow.

Peppy wanted to buy some neat cool stuff for his good son to think was cool. He went to the robot store because sons liked robots.

"Hi I would like some neat robots please." said Peppy.
"What kind of neat robot are you thinking of in your mind?" said store clerk.
"Well I think I wanted the type that my son would look at and think is cool."
"Okay you want a cool robot." said store clerk.
"Okay that sounds great."
"We are out of those." said store clerk.
"When will you get more?"
"In one minute."
"Sigh, okay I will wait."

A whole minute later the cool robot showed up.

"Hello I am ready to go be looked at." said the cool robot.
"Great, I'm exhausted from the wait, I'm going to need a comforting nap when I get home." said Peppy.
"Are you ready to pay for me so I can be your property?" said the cool robot.
"I am." said Peppy.
"That will be four donuts." said store clerk.
"Do you take chocolate covered?" asked Peppy.
"Yes." said store clerk.

Peppy paid four donuts to the store clerk and the store clerk ate them all. Peppy's son enjoyed his look at the cool robot and was selfish so he would not invite his friends over to look at the cool robot too.

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