Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Bright Blackmail in Pamperina's Lair

"Brush my hair and make me look pretty." said Pamperina.
"No I'm sick of it." said Gulper.
"But you're my hair stylist." said Pamperina.
"I've had enough!" said Gulper.

Pamperina didn't know what to do. She was so used to being pampered. She wandered the streets panicked, unable to recover.

"Someone... someone make me look pretty!" she said, melting down.
"No one can make a crud pipe like you look pretty." said Scuzz the Street Trash.
"Aw no that's all I have ever wanted to be was pretty." said Pamperina.
"I think you're cruddy as can be." said Funky Rubbles.

Then a voice came into Pamperina's brain.

"Pamperina! This is Lightning Man. You are a grossie and the grossie part of you starts on the inside. Everything else is secondy grossinesss." said Lightning Man in Pamperina's brain.

Lightning Man had the power to pull human strings al the time, but he still managed to be cool to the kids. Some of them wore Lightning Man drawings on their t-shirts.

"I like to wrap my oiled body in saran wrap." said Lightning Man privately to himself. A few hours went by and Lightning Man danced around a bit.
"What?" said Pamperina.
"Huh?" said Lightning Man.
"I heard you say a thing about your body."
"Oh no I meant to say that to myself in my head, not to you!" said Lightning Man.
"You are kooky and that's bad to be kooky."
"Thank you, I didn't mean to send you that message beforehand."
"It's okay we are all human."
"Looks like no place to go but up!" said Lightning Man, as he felt pretty down. "But listen, my sister and me liked your hair."
"Now that I know your saran wrap secret you have to make me like pretty and stuff." said Pamperina.
"Okay fine I will."

Then Pamperina played tricks on Lightning Man an no one cared.
"Now you have to make me pretty. I know your secrets! Ha ha ha!" said Pamperina again.
"Oh this is a bum deal." said Lightning Man.

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