Sunday, June 28, 2015

The Wacky Hair Covet

Wacky Hair Frank had rainbow streaks in his hair.

"Hey I like your hair!" said Tuna Face.
"Thanky to little ol' you!" said Wacky Hair Frank.
"Hey can I copy your hair?" said Tuna Face.
"No it's my personal identity!" said Wacky Hair Frank.
"Oh. I'm sorry I mentioned it."

Then Tuna Face started to walk away with his head down. Wacky Hair Frank felt bad.

"Hey wait!" said Wacky Hair Frank. Tuna Face stopped.
"You know what? I was wrong. People can do whatever they want, and that includes you copying my hair."
"I don't want to copy your dumb ol' hair I can get my own identity." said Tuna Face.
"Whoa you go cranky fast." said Wacky Hair Frank. Then Wacky Hair Frank turned and started to walk away.

Then Tuna Face realized he had been rude.
"Hey wait!" said Tuna Face. Then Wacky Hair Frank stopped.
"I was wrong to be so sensitive." said Tuna Face.

Then The Rainbow Hair Club walked out of the ballroom they were standing in front of. They were marching to their theme song.

Tuna Face and Wacky Hair Frank stood there and watched them march away. They were stunned because they didn't know The Rainbow Hair Club existed. They both thought Wacky Hair Frank was super original. But then they realized The Rainbow Hair Club, which was founded 53 years ago, had been on top of the rainbow hair look for a long time.

"Hey I guess I owe you an apology for being so protective of my image, then being so sensitive." said Wacky Hair Frank.
"I owe you an apology for wanting to copy, then being so sensitive about not be able to find my place in the world and taking it out on you almost not accepting me." said Tuna Face.

Then they hugged as friends.

Then The Rainbow Hair Club grew to being a dangerous cult that sacrificed expensive meals and blackmailed politicians, so they were kind of not too bad, except for the food wasting part.

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