Sunday, June 21, 2015

Pudrey's Transformation

Pudrey was a lady with a cat like face. She went to Dr. Greeeeez, the plastic surgeon and said "Hey can you make me have more of a bird like face?" Dr. Greeeeez looked at her and acted like a real expert medical professional with his body language and then said "Hmm... hmm... yes, yes. I think we can fix that."

So then Dr. Greeeeez made her take risky sleeping drugs and put a bunch of marker marks and cuts and knifes into her face and moved some stuff around and took some stuff off and added a thing on and said "There! Done. Now wake up."

Pudrey woke up and Dr. Greeeeez was like "Oh wait we have to put bandages all over you and give you put pills and things to keep the swelling down."
"Oh good I don't need that swelling. I just want to get to looking like a bird. I know I'll be happy." said Pudrey.
"I agree." said Dr. Greeeeez.

Then Pudrey went home and watched a bunch of television shows about murder for weeks until her face stopped swelling and her cuts healed. Then they did. Then she looked like a bird.

"Now we're talkin! Or should I say now we're squawkin'!" said Pudrey to her face as she looked at it in the mirror.

Then Pudrey went walking around and displaying her birdface. She was real cocky about it for a second. People didn't have the reaction she was hoping for.

"Hey you look ugly!" said a meanie real loud.
"Ew, look at that lady." whispered a person to another person, about Pudrey.
"Um we have some specials today. I think you'd really enjoy the bag of seeds." said a waiter who was making a joke to her.

Pudrey didn't like it. She went back to Dr. Greeeeez and said "Hey this stinks I'm mad can you fix it? Make it look like a turtle face or something." Dr. Greeeeez looked her up and down and said "Yeah... hmm... we can do that." He really seemed like a medical expert.

But then she was still ugly and weird looking after that process. Then she went to another doctor, because maybe it was all Dr. Greeeeez's fault. She went to Dr. Quec and asked if he could make her look like a really pretty woman. "Yeah... hmmm.. yeah... we can fix that and that, yeah." said Dr. Quec. So she went through that whole process and then walked down the street and people were like "Hey she looks weird look at her!"

Then she ran out of money.

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