Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Rough Workout

Pumper pumped his muscles up real hard. They got real big. He was at the gym.

"Whoa you got big muscle." said Dumper.
"Kiss em!" said Pumper.

Then Pumper did more reps and his muscles got even bigger. Then Pumper ate 10 donuts and his belly blew out. Then Pumper tried to put on his pants and they didn't fit. Then he squeezed and tugged really hard to try to button the top button around his blown out belly.

"Ooh this is hard." said Pumper.
"Flex your big muscles to try to reach the button to the hole better!" said Dumper.

Pumper did and the back of his pants ripped showing his butt and his muscles ripped this sleeves. Fashionista Debbie walked up.

"I like what I see!" said Fashionista Debbie.
"Who me?" said Pumper.
"Who does you?" said Debbie.
"What do you mean?"
"Your style your look. Who put these tears in your clothes. I love it." said Fashionista Debbie.
"I guess I'm my own personal stylist... I did it by pumping up my muscles real good." said Pumper.
"Ah. Well I love it." said Fashionista Debbie.

Then Fashionista Debbie walked off. Pumper thought for a second she was gonna offer him something. Like a fashion deal or recording contract. But he only got the compliment. Which he was happy to take.

"Well.. I guess I just dress like this now." said Pumper.

Then he went to a burger stand and sat on a stool but his butt was hanging out and a guy was like "Hey pal put your butt away!"

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