Saturday, June 20, 2015

Tongue Trouble

Jimmy Dimmy was hungry and he talked too much then he ate his tongue and he was full, because he was skinny and didn't need to eat a big meal, his tongue was enough of a meal. Then his tongue started flapping it's mouth in his belly and then his belly digested the whole sucker up so it couldn't talk no more.

"Mmmph mmoh mmph mphhmphhmphh!" said his tongue in his belly before it got digested. Then it got totally digested.
"Aw too bad." thought Jimmy Dimmy, "I can't talk no more."
"Oh well guess I don't get to talk mo more." thought Jimmy again.
"It was a good tender meal at least." thought Jimmy some more.

Then one day he was walking down the street without talking, because he couldn't talk, and he was just thinking a bunch.

"Lemonade is a nice thing to drink, it's sweet and tart and refreshing. Man I wish I could drink some lemonade." he thought to himself.

Jerry Knowitall walked by.

"Hey Jerry, know where I can find the best lemonade?" asked Jimmy Dimmy.
"Yeah, go to Denny's Lemonade Hut, it's got the best." said Jerry Knowitall.
"Thanks!" said Jimmy Dimmy and he kept walking down the street. But then he stopped.
"What the shit!?" he said.

Then Jimmy Dimmy ran inside the hot dog joint he was passing by and went into the bathroom to look in the mirror and open his mouth and look at it. His tongue had grown back!

"Oh wow oh brother oh shit oh shamrock!" said Jimmy Dimmy.
"I didn't know it could grow back!" said Jimmy Dimmy again.

But it did. Tongues grow back sometimes. But this new tongue was evil and caused Jimmy to say bad things sometimes. Like "You're stupid!" and "Nice tits!"

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