Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Eggbert's Embarrassment

Jumjum had big ears and she heard what everyone was saying. Eggbert was talking about Jumjum and Jumjum could hear Eggbert. Eggbert was saying stuff like "Jumjum sure has big ears, but don't tell her I said so." said Eggbert. But joke's on Eggbert because "I heard you say that Eggbert and now I think you're a jerk." said Jumjum. "Oh no this is the worst day I am embarrassed and feel bad." said Eggbert. "That's the way the cookie crumbles, Eggbert. You were trying to bond with others by insulting me, but guess what now you just look embarrassed." said Jumjum.

Embarrassment didn't feel good to Eggbert. "Oh no my cheeks are red, no one look at them and no one look in my eyes. It's embarrassing." said Eggbert.

Mumpus walked up and looked right in Eggbert's eyes. "Hey I can see into your soul." said Mumpus to Eggbert. Eggbert's embarrassed expression was a window to his true soul. "That's right. I'm looking right at it," continued Mumpus, "and I've got to say it's... it's... it's...." Mumpus was scared, "...it's... scary!!!"

Just then Eggbert's poorly contained evil soul leapt out of Eggbert's eyes and bit Mumpus's nose off. Mumpus squirted spurts of blood out of his nose. Mumpus screamed. "Aghhhhhhhhhh!!!!"

Eggbert's soul went back inside his body and retained itself in Eggbert's lifeforce. Eggbert's embarrassment opened the gates to the evil demon that came out when he was embarrassed. Eggbert felt strangely composed afterwards though. Perhaps unleashing this embarrassment demon was cathartic for Eggbert.

Meanwhile Mumpus ran around screaming, blood spritzing from his face. His butt was also sticking out and it made him look extra silly.

"You're a monster!" said Mumpus, while running around.
"Hmmph..." thought Eggbert.
"You should be ashamed of yourself!" screamed Mumpus.

Eggbert thought to himself. He looked down to the ground, as if he was ashamed. But then he quietly mumbled to himself, "I'm not."

"I heard that." said Jumjum.

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