Monday, June 15, 2015

Cranky Franky and Fresh Face Frankie

Fresh Face Frankie was eager to please. He got a job working for Cranky Franky.

"Can I get you a bib, Cranky Franky?" said Fresh Face Frankie.
"No get me a bathtub full of BBQ sauce. Now!" said Cranky Franky.

Fresh Face Frankie went to the popular BBQ spot Heave's BBQ Joint.
"Hi I work for Cranky Franky and he's requesting a lot of BBQ sauce." said Fresh Face Frankie.

Heave looked at Frankie and heaved.
"How much you need?" said Heave.
"A big big bucket's worth and 5 more buckets." said Fresh Face Frankie.

Heave tugged up a bunch of buckets and heaved into them. They were heavy.
"Thanks." said Frankie.

Frankie returned with the BBQ sauce.
"Great now bathe me in it." said Cranky Franky.

Fresh Face Frankie was a little anxious about doing this. He didn't want to, but he was so fresh faced.
"Remove me from my tutu." said Cranky Franky.
"You don't want to bathe in your tutu?" said Fresh Face Frankie.
"Not today. I want you to give me a good scrubbing."

Fresh Face Frankie scrubbed Cranky Franky's bumpy back in the BBQ tub with a BBQ loofa.
"Ooh more. You're not doing enough. I want more. More!" said Cranky Franky.

Fresh Face Frankie had about enough. He threw the loofa in the tub and stood.
"I think you've had enough. I don't like doing this and your needs are hard to meet and you're just too Cranky!" said Fresh Face Frankie, then he left.

Cranky Franky sat in this BBQ tub for a minute.
"Well I guess he's not so fresh faced no more." said Cranky Franky.

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