Thursday, June 18, 2015

The Dumb Stink Place Suckhouse

Granker was a stinky guy and he smelled funny and everyone was like oh no what a stink Granker has!

"Hey I don't stink so bad!" said Granker. "I think I smell good!" said Granker.
"Hey I'm Donald good smell." said Donald Good Smell.
"You think you smell so great?  You don't!" said Granker.
"I do!"
"No no, I'm an expert on smells."
"Well you can go to hell."
"You wanna fight? I got big muscles."
"Uh oh this is getting out of hand."

Then Petunia the sweetie showed up to make everything sweet.

"Hey I'm Petunia the Sweetie and everyone knows me to be nice."
"I'm Grumpy Grouger." said Grumpy.
"Uh oh he's Grumpy he's gonna get us with his Grumpness."
"Hey I'm mean." said Grumpy.
"I like nice." said Petunia.
"I'm mean." said Grumpy.

Then Grumpy and Petunia got in a fight and Grumpy killed Petunia. And Petunia started to rot and stink a lot. Then Granker came up and was like "Hey Petunia we stink a lot, just like each other. Don't we have so much in common? Like stinking?" said Granker.

Then Petunia grew years older and got sad and old.

"I miss the good times we had together." said Granker. But Petunia was actually dead the whole time.
"Years have gone by and now I'm the stinky one. How funny how things changes with time." said Donald Good Smell, who was now Donald Stink Smell.
"I'm stinky." said Donald Stink Smell.

Then terrorists came and bombed the whole town they all lived in. And they died. The End.

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