Tuesday, June 30, 2015

The Water Fetch

Handsome Peasant Boy Ludley was the peasant boy for Lady Dumsmere Smottle.

"Fetch me water from the well!" said Lady Dumsmere.
"Yes madam." said Boy Ludley.

By the way, Boy Ludley was like 17, which looked more like 25. He was pretty studly and handsome. Lady Dumsmere was woman sized and woman aged.

"Boy Ludley, do not fetch the water from the Chudworth well. Fetch it from the Kensington well." said Lady Dumsmere.
"Yes madam." said Boy Ludley.
But "Fuck." he thought afterwards.

The Chudworth well was so much closer and easier to fetch water from than the Kensington well. What a royal pain in the ass this would be. Could she really tell the difference between water quality? Or was she just fucking with him and making him do these inconvenient tasks? She always did shit like this. Boy Ludley was really growing to hate Lady Dumsmere. There was also a hint of sexual tension with them.

Boy Ludley went on his journey to fetch water from the Kensington well. It was also the hottest day of the year. "What a bitch." he thought to himself. He fantasized about spitting in the water. He didn't do it. He should have though.

He returned the water to Lady Dumsmere. She sniffed it, took a sip, said "Mehh it's not as good today as usual," and poured it in the urine pit. Boy Ludley was pissed, but he kept his rage to himself.

Later that evening he was hanging out with his friends Grisby and Jankles. They were hammering flint rocks, and drinking beer. Boy Ludley told a tale that he had spat in Lady Dumsmere's water, even though it wasn't true. He just wanted to feel as though he'd took his misfortunes in his own hands, and perhaps saying that he'd done what he'd wished he'd done would give him the same sense of satisfaction as having done it. Grisby and Jankles were casually impressed.

The next afternoon Boy Ludley was summoned to the executioner to be beheaded because some fucking bitch talked. Boy Ludley was pissed. His last thought was that he should have spat in that bitch's water for real. But then his almost last thought was gonna be that he guessed it was all the same if she thought he spat in it anyway. Same effect happened. But he didn't fully get that thought through his brain before the axe came down and took his head off. The end.

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