Thursday, July 2, 2015

Jake Eats at a Diner

Jake Pelfor was hungry. He drove to the diner where they served food to people. He parked in the parking lot of the diner. The parking was free. Not too shabby, so far.

Jake Pelfor opened the door and saw the sign that said Please seat yourself. So he did. He grabbed a menu. As he was walking toward the table of his choice he noticed the eyes of the person behind the counter. He played dumb as if he wasn't totally certain what to do.

"Can we just sit anywhere?" he asked. Even though Jake was able to read the sign perfectly.
"Yes, just sit anywhere." said the person behind the counter.
"Oh okay thanks." said Jake Pelfor. Then he sat.

The waiter walked up to the table. "Hello I'm the waiter." said the waiter.
"Hello I'm Jake Pelfor."
"What kind of thing can I do to help you?"
"Uhhhm." said Jake, as he looked down at the food options on the menu.

Alongside all the food options on the menu were prices of the food options. That was when it hit Jake. He had left his wallet in his car.

"Uh oh. I just realize I left my wallet in my car. Do you mind if I run to the car real quick to grab the wallet so that I'll be able to pay for the food I plan to order?" said Jake Pelfor.
"That sounds good." said the waiter.
"Can you make sure no one takes this good table?" said Jake.
"Yes." said the waiter.

Jake got up and put the menu down. He went outside to his car and then he realized he had left his keys inside the diner. "Oh no, this is all I need." said Jake. Jake ran back into the diner. Some of the more inconvenient scenarios of what would happen were playing out in his head. Like what if his keys were gone? Missing? Stolen? He'd have to make a big long inconvenient search. He devised a plan. To first ask if any keys had turned up.

He walked in and went straight to the front counter. There was a different person there than before.
"Hello I'm Jake Pelfor." said Jake, because it was a different person than before, "There was a different person here before, I was here just a second ago, but I left my wallet in my car and I went to go get it, but then I left my keys in here. Did any keys turn up?" said Jake. He over explained when he was nervous or hungry.
"Yes here they are." said the person behind the counter.

Jake was relieved. Then he went and ordered a salad off the menu. It seemed like a healthier choice, even though the tuna melt sounded good and reliable. He had the salad. It was sure a little adventure that happened in that diner.

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