Thursday, July 23, 2015

Spitty and Dumper Thaw Out

Spitty the gross bumpy bubble skinned mucus mouthed mumbler said to Dumper the grumpy crow footed ankle swelled sagmaster "You're a real sack."
"You're no warm toast, yourself!" said Dumper.

They had been set up on a date by their mutual friend the Crankster.
"I think you could maybe get along." he said to Spitty.
"I think you might like each other." he said to Dumper, at a separate time.
"Plegh..." said Spitty.
"Gerghh..." said Dumper.

And but so off they went to go meet each other. They didn't like each other. They said their first initial unfriendly comments to each other. But both of them had made the trip out so they decided to just sit there and scowl for a while.

"I can't believe I dragged myself outta the coop for this." said Spitty.
"It was no cruise for me either." said Dumper.
"I hate cruises so consider yourself the lucky one." said Spitty.

Then they sat in silence and scowlence for more of a long time. Spitty sniffled. Dumper shifted in her seat and her body creaked and cracked. Then more silence.

Spitty decided he was gonna say something. He cleared his throat. But his throat didn't clear so he kept tugging the phlegm ticklers up and down inside his esophagus. He spent about twelve minutes clearing it then it finally cleared. He still spoke in a scratched out voice.

"Mmehmmm...Uh do you have any pictures of yourself from when you were young?" asked Spitty.
"Yeah." said Dumper.
"May I see it?" he asked.
"Do you have one of you?" said Dumper.
"I do also happen to carry one." said Spitty.
"Let's swap. " said Dumper.

They pulled out their wrinkled crinkled photograph and swapped. Both Spitty and Dumper thought the other looked really great and nice in their younger years. Spitty found himself quite taken by the young Dumper and Dumper was quite smitten by the young Spitty. They instantly warmed up to one another and then struck up a conversation about their worst experiences with food poisoning.

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