Friday, July 24, 2015

Richie Shitty Has a Dark Side

Richie Shitty screwed dirty hooker Magingerina and it was because he liked dirty hookers.

"Gimme what you got you dirty stinky dirty lady!" said Richie Shitty.

She worked the dirty screwing hard and he was like
"I want all the dirty stuff you got. Give it to me!"
"Yeah you like that dirty stuff. I'm gonna give you all the warts and bumps and drips and things you'll have to get treatment for!" said Magingerina.
And he said "Yahhhh that's what I want! I deserve it!" because he had a double life where he was a clean cut guy but people with great intuition knew he had a shady greasy side.

Like Mike and Vince.
"Hi Richie." said Mike.
"Hey Mike. Hey Vince." said Richie.
"Hi." said Vince.
"Say I gotta run you guys. See ya soon." said Richie.
"I got a feeling something is off about that guy, even though he seems like a regular guy."
"Me too."

See? They could just sense it. And they were right. Anyway, back to this screwing of the hooker.

"I want all the dirty stuff!" then Richie Shitty finished.
"Here ya go babe." he said as he gave her some bills.
"So long." said Magingerina.

A couple of weeks went by and he went to the doc to get checked out because nothing seemed to be off except some itching.
"You got world class crabs!" said the doc.
"Aw shit what else?" said Richie, feigning being upset.
"Just crabs." said doc.
"That it? Did you check for anything else?"
"Checked twice. Just crabs." said doc.
"Okay thanks doc." said Richie.

Then he left the office pissed.
"Shit! I been ripped off!" said Richie. He thought he was getting a ton of messed up bumpy oozey stuff and he just got itchy crabs! He called the madam of Magingerina, who apologized and said she'd personally give him some messed up stuff. He was skeptical.

Then the crabs did a vaudeville musical dance number.

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