Friday, July 3, 2015

Squeakhead Joe

Squeakhead Joe walked. He kept walking and closed his eyes on accident then he ran into a street sign. His head made a squeak noise.

"Whoops!" he said. That was a goof on his part.

Then he walked and bumped his head on a tree branch because he was thinking about something silly. Like a time when a person made an insult at him and he didn't know what to say. He was fantasizing about good comebacks he could have made. While he was thinking up good comebacks he whacked his head on that tree branch. His head made a squeak noise again.

A fella named Howie was walking his dog Buffo and Buffo heard the squeak noise from Squeakhead hitting his head and Buffo was like "Roo?!" cuz he wanted that squeak, but Howie was like "Cmon, Buffo."

Next Squeakhead walked to his ex girlfriend Lula's house. They were fighting a lot lately, because they should have taken more space from each other when they split a year ago but they decided they could be mature and keep talking all the time. Subsequently that caused more tension and they fought a lot. So Squeakhead Joe went to Lula's house and knocked on her door.

"I was thinkin' we should talk about your feelings and mine some more!" said Squeakhead Joe.
"I think not now!" said Lula behind the door.
"Why not now??"
"Just cuz." said Lula.
"Is there someone in there?" said Squeakhead Joe.
"You should go!"
"Who else is in there?" said Squeakhead Joe.
"I'm my own woman and what I do is my business, beat it!" said Lula.

Then Squeakhead Joe started trying to push the door open. He pried it open a little and it was Lula's new fella Knuckleface. Knuckleface punched people with his face, so you better watch out for him. He was calm though.

"Squeakhead I think you oughtta go." said Knuckleface.
"Don't tell me what to do."
"You been drainkin?' asked Knuckleface.

He had.

"Let me in. Me and Lula are best friends." said Squeakhead making an embarrassment of himself. Knuckleface tried to close the door but Squeakhead put his head in the door to stop it and Knuckleface kept trying to close it and it kept making squeak noises. Dogs from the neighborhood came running toward the squeak noise.

Knuckleface never had to do any punching with his face, but just so you know, he could. So imagine that, it probably looked cool to see him do it.

Squeakhead got driven home and passed out on his depressed couch.
"Mope." said the couch.

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