Friday, July 10, 2015

The Big Hollywood Tryout

Pete went to the big Hollywood tryout. He really wanted the role because if he got it that would mean he would be a star! He put some gel in his hair and wore cool button up leather jacket which had a nice collar that he could either flip up or put down. He brushed his teeth real good that morning so that his teeth would look white.

Pete walked up to the Hollywood tryout office. He had his acting role pages in his hands. He said the words to the part out loud to himself so he would know how to say them good.

"I love you, Maria. That's why I have to take your picture..." rehearsed Pete. Then Pete walked into the door of the tryout.

"Please write your name on the list of people trying out to be the star." said the fellow behind the desk at the tryout office.
"Okay I will. I am excited to try out, also a little nervous." said Pete.
"Don't be nervous I can tell you're going to do great. I heard you rehearse those words for the part outside." said the desk fellow.
"Thank you. I'm glad you liked my work." said Pete.

Then Pete sat. Then the tryout lady walked into the wait room. "Hi Pete let's come do your try out." she said. Then they walked in.

"Before we start the tryout I just want to say how nice it is to meet you. Please tell me where you are from." said the lady who ran the try outs.
"I am from up north and I came here because I love starring in things and I really wanted to do that. I think I could be a great star of Hollywood parts."
"Oh I like that." said the try out lady.
"And also I worked with a person you have heard of named Jimmy Hampton." said Pete.
"Oh I have heard of Jimmy Hampton, of course." said try out lady.
"Jimmy is a great guy. Such a kind giving soul. What a great heart he has, I was lucky to meet and work with him." said Pete.
"How tall are you and could I see you smile?" said the try out lady.
"I am five foot nine and here is my smile." said Pete, then Pete smiled.
"You have a great look." said the try out lady, "What else can you tell me about yourself that is interesting?"
"Well I love my dog who is such a sweetheart and my grandfather, who was in the navy and was just a great soul, died today. He was a tough man and a great character. I think of him when I am doing research for being interesting and a star of something." said Pete.
"You seem to have answered every question I asked great and you have said all of the right things. I am going to give you the Hollywood starring role."
"I won the try out?" said Pete.
"Yes you did. I really liked how you said Jimmy Hampton was a good guy. Jimmy Hampton is someone I know and you telling me that you also know Jimmy Hampton made me feel like we had common ground and it made you very relatable in a way that the Hollywood watching audience will also feel you are relatable." said try out lady.
"This is so cool and I am incredibly honored and humbled thank you for the part!" said Pete.
"You are welcome." said try out lady.

Then the try out lady gave Pete a convertible and Pete drove off in it and his hair blew in the wind even though it was gelled.

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