Monday, July 13, 2015

The Disagreement Duo Day

Jogwood had a big bottom lip and people thought he had a bad attitude.

"You got bad tude, dude!" said Taco Jake.
"Taco you're cheesy!" said Jogwood who had affected crazy eyes look.
"Hey I don't buy your eyes!" said Taco Jake.

Jogwood dropped the act. 

Then Wipey the Janitor came out. "Hey, you dropped the act! Who gonna clean up all this phoniness not me!" said Wipey the Janitor.
"I knew it wasn't real, you piece of baloney phone!" said Taco Jake.

This made Jogwood go nutso like circus peanuts, which aren't real nuts, but his eyes got crazy-eyed again anyway, is what I'm saying. He picked up the act. "Thank you." said Wipey, but then he saw Jogwood's crazy eyes and thought they looked real. 

"Whoa this guy is out of control!" said Wipey. And Wipey ran off fast, leaving a stream of sledginess, like a snail. But from fast, instead of slow like a snail. Then he came back out and cleaned up his sledgy filmy mess with a mop. "Woops." said Wipey, then he saw Jogwood keeping up the act still and stayed scared more. "Thanks for picking up the phony mess." he said.

"You're welcome." said Jogwood, with his crazy eyes.
"I still don't buy it!" said Taco Jake.
"You're a cheeseball!" said Jogwood. Then Jogwood took out a cracker, a saltine, from his pocket, and put it on Taco Jake's head.
"This is for you it goes perfectly." said Jogwood.
"That's it I'm mad now." said Taco Jake.
"What you gonna do bout it, see a counsellor?" said Jogwood.
"No I'm gonna put on sunglasses." said Taco Jake.

Then Taco Jake did put on sunglasses and the moon came out. "Now I'm cool." said Taco Jake.
"I say you're cheese blend." said Jogwood.
"I guess one of us is actually oil and one is salad dressing, and we just don't go well together." said Taco Jake.
"Hey you guys those two things is hard to clean up maybe you two disagreers should split, eh? There ain't no lettuce round these parts." said Wipey.

Then they went their separate ways and didn't have to be friends and were cordial in future encounters because they were probably both in a bad mood or dealing with personal issues the day they had a disagreement.

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