Saturday, July 4, 2015

The Chippy and Jean Story

Chippy was a dude with creaky knees. Jean was a broad with noisy hair. When Chippy walked he creaked from down the street. As a teen he streaked into the creek. He screamed when he streaked and his knees creaked. The neighbors heard the screams and creaks and looked out the windows to get a peek. That was the point. Chippy needed oil for his joints. He got ticks in the creek. He was just a teen. As an adult his knees still creaked like they did when he was a teen. Anyway back to Jean.

Jean walked around and the wind blew in her hair. It ruffled and was loud. She liked it she was proud.  Jean also chewed on foil and sipped on oil. "I heard oil is good for your organs." she said. She also chewed on pencils with lead. "I hear lead is bad for your head." It was a bad habit. "I chew on pencils, no joke." at least she didn't smoke. Why was Jean's hair so noisy? Because it was coarse, of course.

Chippy met Jean at the produce section at the 7-Eleven.

"I'm just shopping for bananas."
"I'm just shopping for an orange."
"I heard you from over there." said Chippy.
"I heard you from over there." said Jean.
"You're noisy." said Chippy.
"You're noisy." said Jean.
"Why are you so noisy?" said Chippy.
"You're nosy." said Jean.
"Is it a sensitive subject?" asked Chippy.
"No I'm just tired of talking about it. It's always the thing people talk about right away."
"Hey my thing that people talk about is always the thing people talk about right away too."
"I guess people aren't that smart or interesting themselves and don't know how to talk about anything beyond what's there and obvious." said Jean.
"Hey! I was just about that say that exact thing!" said Chippy.

Then they had a real connection for a second. Then they kept talking and finding mutual connections. Then they figured out they both knew this person name Donna who they both agreed was a phony and acted like she was more interesting than she was.

Then they fell in love pretty hard and had this intense connection then they were too similar to each other and had to separate because they couldn't function well with one another, but at least they got to experience what acceptance of their strange squeaky and noisy traits felt like so they were sort of able to go forward in the world with limited self consciousness about them.

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